Code of conduct

  •  Dress code as mentioned in the school dairy has to be followed strictly by the students . Any negligence will lead to reduction of grade in Exams.
  • Hair cut ( army cut for boys other than keshdhari Sikhs) and two pony tails with prescribed coloured ribbon or braids or hair bands for girls , should be strictly adhered to .
  • 85% attendance is a must for every child appearing in the exam . Parents should ensure the attendance of their ward OR she /he shall not be allowed to appear at the final evaluation . In case of exceptional medical ground condonation of shortage of attendance is at the discretion of the Principal . If a student remains absent for more than ten days continuously without prior permission , his/her admission shall stand cancelled .
  • The presence of a child on the last working day and the first working day before and after the vacation is a must . Without prior permission or without medical ground if any student goes absent , on the last working day before a vacation or on the first working day after a vacation two grades will be deducted and for every other day preceding the last working day  or succeeding the first working day one grade will be deducted in Personality Development . if a student is on leave on medical ground submitted along with the application within seven days of reporting back .
  • Any unfair means used by a student during the exam may lead to loss of a year or even expulsion of the child from the school . Any consideration in this regard shall be at the sole discretion of the Principal .
  • Report Card / Progress Report of a child after every semester /unit test must be collected by a parent / guardian .
  • It is mandatory for all the students appearing in the board exams to take pre- board exams ( step by step confidence building method of preparation ) scheduled by the school .
  • Students involved in any kind of property damage will be charged with fine / penalty .
  • The school reserves the right to expel a child from the school on disciplinary grounds . Any act of mischief , breach of code of conduct , disobedience , disloyalty by the students or by the parents can be considered an act of indiscipline . It will be the discretion of the school management / Principal to judge the gravity of the act and decide on the action to be taken .
  • Direct classroom contact by the parents/ guardians is strictly prohibited .
  • Child up to class X must carry his dairy every day to the school . Note given by a teacher should be checked and signed regularly by the parents . Parents who are asked to meet  the principal must do so within the stipulated time; otherwise the child may not be allowed to attend school .
  • Students reaching late to school without prior permission , for any reason what so ever , shall be sent back .
  • Students must not carry any electrical items or gadgets ( such as cell phone , I-pods etc. ) to the school . If the girls use gold ornaments ( like gold earrings , etc . ) school management shall not be responsible for any loss thereof .
  • Though the school takes all the normal precautions during school hours , it does not take responsibility of accident .
  • Not more than two authorized guardians / parents can meet the principal at a time in the school office .

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